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Meet Maggie!

More: Maggie was diagnosed with gastrocarcinoma in late July 2020 and lost her battle with cancer in late-September 2020. If that year couldn't be horrible enough, this was just such a blow and a heartbreaking loss to our family. The onset of symptoms for this type of cancer happened so quickly and by the time we noticed what was wrong, her prognosis was poor. (Stage 4) We adopted Maggie in June 2013 at 6 weeks old and she was the epicenter of our family. It was just myself and my husband, Carlos, at the time so you can imagine, Maggie was the center of our world and just spoiled her rotten. We grew our family within a few years by adopting her fursister, Karma, giving her a much-needed companion. And a few years after that, we added human siblings, Adelyn and Aiden in 2018 & 2020. Maggie was such a loyal companion and did great with the kids. Although she had a dominant personality, she was gentle and loving with all of us. Maggie loved to bark at the Amazon delivery guy any chance she could get, she loved to stick her head out the window on car rides and enjoyed going to doggy daycare to play with friends. We made sure to make her last few weeks one to remember. She was the most social and lovable dog any person could ask for and we miss her so much every day.