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Maggie Mae

Now where’s that bunny??

More: Maggie is the most curious, sweet and funny baby, who definitely knows how to make lemonade out of lemons in our crazy world! She starts her days bounding (literally) into her backyard, with the world at her feet; nothing is going to stop her! Much to our chagrin she loves to dig, but chases squirrels, rabbits, sticks and her pink ball like no other! She adores kids, especially our niece and nephew, in fact, you can see the smile on her face every time she meets a new child. It’s a race to the garage, when I say “Want to go visit Grandma and Grandpa”?! My soon to be 86 year old Dad cannot get enough of Maggie-always trying to get her to sit on his lap. Miss Wonder Dog loves a good long hike in the Colorado wild, and we hope to get her out backcountry skiing up Teton Pass next winter!