Maggie-Rose will steal your heart like she did our families!

More: She is energetic, loving and fun. She does silly things like sticking her head in the big bowl of water at Doggie daycare. I mean she actually put’s her head under water. When we had to put our former dog down who had Cancer down, The very next day someone found Maggie-Rose and her ten brothers and sisters dumped on the side of the road. We visited the shelter and to say the least, when we needed a hand , we found her paw. She saved us from grieving to happiness again. She has emotion and expression in her ears. She sticks one up and one down , both back or both down. She loves people and gets along with all other dogs. I feel that she is an angel sent to us to feel the void of losing our other dog of thirteen years to Cancer. She is a blessing and a hoot!