"Hold on Dad, I think I can fit one more in my mouth"

More: He's an amazing Chesapeake. He's definitely the ultimate water, hunting, fishing, working and bird dog. Most of all he's my boy and unbeatable companion. Amazing hunting dog who loves to retrieve Ducks and pheasants. He's relentless and just wants aims to please no matter the conditions he's working in. He comes to work everyday with me and keeps an eye on me as I pressure wash houses decks. He's usually swimming in the pools while I work. He can dive under water and retrieve lacrosse balls etc from the bottom of the pool. He will also dive down and pick up clams when we walk at the beach, probably his favorite game! He really is everything they say a Chesapeake can be and more! He's so tough, loyal, stubborn and dedicated. He just wants to make you proud. Amazing Chessie which I can't say enough good things about or tell you enough of his crazy stories, epic retrieves and antics. A gentle giant, big baby, and above all else were Pals!