“Are we done with pictures so I can chase that squirrel?

More: Stop! You’ve found me. Pleased to meet you, my name is Maia. My ancestry may be German based but I’m a true Southern Belle. I can rock some orange, play in the mud and track down birds during the dawn with my owner that’s a Green Beret or I can shine up and go to town in the evening with his girlfriend, the Beauty! I live the life most dogs dream of with the Beauty and the Beret at our retreat, in the sticks, in Western TN. If given a chance to show the world how amazing my breed is, you’ll be pleased with your choice. I’m smart, sassy and southern as they come. Plus we love GNG..... gardens for my beauty and guns for my Beret. So, tell me when my photo shoot is and I’ll bring my beauty and charm and you supply the bones and birds!