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Hello Maisy

More: I wanted to adopt a young housebroken dog as a comfort dog for me while fighting metastatic breast cancer. My husband and I wanted to rescue a Boykin but no one would let us adopt one while living on a boat even though we spend a lot of time in the outdoors fly fishing, swimming, hiking, walking, and such. We found Maisy through an adoption society. She was abused, very shy, intimidated, and fearful. I worked with her every day and she became the best boat dog one could ever own. As much as I helped her, she is turned to help me with her extreme kindness and loving heart. At night when I have the most trouble controlling my fear and anxiety of the probable outcome of stage 4 cancer; Maisy has always been there to love on me. She became my comfort dog as I became her comfort human. We are off our “bucket list” boat and now live in a house. I will be celebrating my 10th year fighting MBC this month and a large part of my success is due to my sweet Maisy. Everywhere we go she goes. People are drawn to her kind soul and eyes as they say, “Hello Maisy”. I notice in the rules I can post more than 1 photo. It is difficult to pick just one. This one is one of my faves I took of her while out on our little 13-foot whaler when we lived in a boat. I have had dogs my whole life but she is a pretty very special gift.