Malakai ( Kai)

Driving Mr Kai

More: Kai came to us at about three months old from a bad situation. He didn't want anything to do with men. He bit my husband's hand when he tried to put on Kai's new Orvis collar, eight months later Kai saved his life. I was in the basement getting a workout in when Kai came running, into the room letting me know I was needed. I ignored him and he took my pant leg into his mouth and pulled. Then he continued talking in an ergient way. I followed him upstairs because he would not leave me alone. He took me into the bathroom where my husband was lying on the ground with his head bleeding and was unconscious. I checked him, ran for my phone and Kai followed, he was extremely upset. I told him to go back and stay with dad. When I returned he had his mouth open over my husband's mouth and nose. It was an amazing sight. The first responders had a hard time getting him to leave, so he watched their every move. My husband was diagnosed with a bilateral pulmonary embolism. Kai spent a week away from us, when I came to see him I noticed he had buried his bear upside down under a spruce tree, The next day I took him to the hospital to see Jeff , It took us an hour to get to his room because so many people needed Kai's encouragement to help them through their procedures. Kai stayed next to Jeff for hours before we returned home. When I went out to check on Kai he had reburied his bear face up with it's face sticking out. The statics for bilateral pulmonary embolism are very grim. Four years later Jeff and Kai are inseparable. We live in the mountains of Southern Colorado where wearing a hat is a must, we were heading out for a trek and I jokingly put the hat on Kai and he kept on!