Maple Scout

Maple Scout the Adirondack Resort Dog

More: Maple Scout is a 5 year old Bernedoodle who lives in Old Forge NY in the beautiful Adirondack state park. She is the resort dog and all around mascot of Great Pines Lodge. The resort her family owns :). She spends her days lumbering around the property finding other dog noses to lick, sunbathing on the lean to restaurant porch and aimlessly swimming around off the dock entertaining all of our guests. She has been known to come into the gorgeous main lodge soaking wet and give a nice cool off shake to guests checking in, but luckily she is one of the most loved pups around. She has two toddler human brothers who she is so kind and patient with while they climb on her, stack stuffed animals and dump her food into the toilet. She takes it all in stride hardly lifting her head to investigate. She is a sweet old soul. She loves to hike and has a silly personality. She is the best greeter for our guests getting up with a wagging tail when they walk in. Thank you maple scout for being you!