Marlboro Man Murdock


More: Very human like! An unforgettable personality! He knows when people or other critters are not feeling well or sad, he has a genuine concern and does his best to help! For example, a couple week ago he went to an estate sale with my wife. A lady's sister had recently past and she was helping at the event. Marlboro knew she was having a hard time dealing with the situation. He came up to her and gently snuggled. My wife pulled him away instructing him to cease. The lady said no, please, it's okay! So Marlboro sat with her while my wife looked around. He continuously stayed with her and comforted her during this time. When it was time to depart the lady thanked my wife for the moments of comfort with Marlboro. My wife told Marlboro it was time to go buddy, before he left the ladies side he gently put his arms around the ladies neck to hug her. The lady burst out in tears and said to my wife, You have no idea how much I needed that! Thank you for letting g him stay with me while you looked around!! That lady refused to let my wife pay her for the items she got.