I love camping !

More: We adopted Marley after losing our Lola that came with our house. We didn’t know we needed her until something told my husband “ go to the shelter today” he did, she resembled Lola so much he sent me a pic and said “ you have to meet this dog. The next day I went on my lunch..she jumped on the bench next to me and she was ours. She is great therapy and was a huge help during our ten days with my MIL as she was dying. Marley went around to everyone and said calmly” pet me, it will be ok “ such a calming dog to have. Everyone adored her. Like she understood the situation and needed to soothe the hoomans. She loves camping! She camped with us on her second night and has traveled with us many places. Snores loudly, barks never , loves her mail carrier like her predecessor did and loved everyone who pets her. She was an angel sent by our Lola because she knew we needed her . She is the best dog! Good sister to brother Cosmo kitty . They get along fabulously. We love her!