This is how I roll!

More: Marley was dumped in the country at 5 months old and I found her June 2009. She was a great addition to my family and became an amazing country dog. She had obviously been abused and abandoned, but we worked through those issues over time. She was loyal, adventurous, a bit goofy, a great travel and hiking companion, an amazing hunter and protector, super smart and willing to do all asked of her. She thought she could speak human and was very vocal with a real desire to communicate. I have never met another dog like her. She was a survivor. Within months of finding her she got parvo and amazingly survived. Due to some of her problem behaviors in the first year, she got hit by a car and broke her leg and had a cast change for 5 weeks. She knew where her grandma lived on my 18 acres and her best friend was a Labrador retriever next door. they spent many days hunting together and would come home when I had to go to work and come home in the evening to go to bed. This dog made our lives better!