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Marley at the lake

More: Marley is a rescue from Nassau, Bahamas. He is a great swimmer and will excitedly leap into any body of water to fetch his toy fish or a stick. He swims in Lake Ontario on a regular basis, and has also swam in other lakes, ponds, rivers and even a quarry. He also enjoys just lounging on his human sister’s slip n slide and kiddie pool 😂. Snow is fun too and Marley enjoys romping around in it and often gets the zoomies during a fresh snowfall. Marley seems to have endless energy. He is a great running partner for his human dad and also a running companion while his human mom bikes. Marley is very smart and extremely loyal and protective of his human pack of 3. He loves all dogs and is super friendly and playful. Marley is a sweet, funny, loving and energetic boy that has brought his little family so much joy and love.