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More: Rescued from a hell house at three years old. She had burn marks in her ears, and a two inch long, 1/2 inch long on her side, and very depressed and traumatized! Has been with me for seven years now. Out of her two big brothers, (Pascal and Diego) and two sisters, (Coco and Lupita), Martina has always played the most understanding, the most protective, and especially the most selfless. Very gentle in play, and especially friendly, and very happy when meeting people. She has become deaf about one year ago. She ended up together with Coco in the same cell at the Philadelphia SPCA. I felt that I had to keep them together, and took them both, to come and get the love and appreciation that they so deserved! I can honestly say with my whole heart, whatever I have given to them, they have given to me 1000 times more! All five dogs are very unique and special! Pascal and Diego passed at 14 and 13 in 2016. Martina was there to support Diego at his weakest, and had been very understanding to each and every dog that needed some kind of physical and/or emotional recovery. Who had come to stay with us for any length of time from the shelter.