Sunset on the beach

More: Marty McFur ( named from the movie Back To The Future)was a near death puppy dropped at our farm on Back to the Future Day !! What a day it was!! Now he is a canine good citizen that visits our local nursing home , makes visits to kindergarten and second grade, enjoys camping and loves to ride anywhere. This winter we took him for a month to the beach for the first time. He loved it! He got to run in the sand, eat in lots of restaurants, do a lot of hiking, and meet lots of dogs and children ( which he loves). He was the perfect travel companion. My husband took this picture at Tybee Island, South Carolina. He also takes good care of his calves and horses on the farm. He loves to ride in the side by side and on the golf cart for any reason. Marty has raised a drop off kitten Molly and is now training a rescue dog of our son. He is an amazing dog and we are so glad he found us!!