More: He’s very smart and very loyal. He thinks he’s a German Shepherd like his Daddy and brothers which are GSD’s. Everyone that sees him they love his looks. Specially the garden groups on Facebook. He’s one of a kind and his favorite place are sitting on my feet or while I eat laying down by my feet for a belly rub. I gotta love the summer this is the only dog that keeps mosquitoes away. He might’ve learned it off of his daddy Roscoe the GSD because he makes sure to remove all wasps in a second w/o getting stung. I still remember when my 13yr old Labrador NoNo passed away both Roscoe and Mathias laid w her. I cried so hard that Mathias ran to the porch and started to howl. I knew he was sad too. He lost his Grandma that he grew up to love and he knew my heart was broken. Mathias I will say is a rotten dog, but he sure is one of a kind.