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Snow Day sporting Orvis!

More: Maverick is our first Sheepadoodle and we love him more than anything! He was born in February of 2020 right as COVID was hitting. He is friendly, loyal, a great companion and goofy to say the least - the Old English Sheepdog is his predominant personality! He loves to get his belly scratched and savors any moment he gets to ride in the car! The movie "Driving Miss Daisy" comes to mind often! We are apparently "Driving Mr. Maverick" all the places we go! He loves attention and is spoiled to death! The neighbors call him the Mayor of the neighborhood. His friendly demeanor and his grey stately manner make him the perfect fit for this role! Maverick LOVES to eat, herd and play with his older labradoodle sibling! We purchased the Orvis buffalo plaid jacket last December and it fits him perfectly! The quality and material are wonderful. This picture was taken yesterday (1/17/2022) after a big snow in Columbus Ohio!! I included my social media information as Maverick does not have his own page as yet!