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Every snack you make, every meal you bake, every bite you take…I’ll be watching you.

More: Every night he jumps on our Orvis bed cover and gives us kisses and a hug to say goodnight before he gets in his Orvis bed. He literally will lay his head across our necks until he is finished with his “hug.” He is super loving and really wants to please. He loves ice cubes and stands by the ice maker every time we open it so that he gets one. He loves his training and my husband has worked with him every day, teaching him so many disciplines. He’s the most beautiful dog we have ever had. His tongue is like a surfboard and he loves to give kisses. We live in Annapolis MD and Maverick loves to be the first mate with the wind in his face as my husband captains the boat. They are inseparable and Maverick goes everywhere with us — many times to dinner with us on weekends as the restaurants in Annapolis have menus for dogs!