Maverick & Goose

Versatile Shepherds: living both the city and farm life

More: Maverick and Goose were both the dogs that their first owners decided they no longer wanted. Maverick was 12 weeks old and tore up some trash (as puppies do) and his original owner decided he was out the door and Goose’ working line genes proved to be too much for his original owners. They came to live in our home and immediately found brothers in eachother. These two are inseparable and go everywhere with their family including camping trips, beach trips, horse shows and brewery outings. They reside in Washington DC with their little Morkie brother (Toto) and two cat friends. They also have a horse brother who lives outside of DC at a stable. They are a big part of a US Army household and get the opportunity to see many different parts of the world. Favorite activities: chasing ball, dog parks, obedience training, going to the horse farm, cuddles with mom, stealing carrots from horses. Dislikes: the mailman, early mornings, sharing the bed, baths.