Max at attention

More: Max is a rescue from the neighborhood. He has the longest legs and love to run. Sometimes after he retire moves his very beat up decoy he will bring it to you. He is a happy boy and loves children. When given a treat from a child’s small hand he will gently nibble it from the palm. Younger people will tell me, “Lady, you’ve got a nice dog!” Young women exclaim, “He’s got a cute white goatee!” The four wheel drive truck is his and he will sit in it even when we are going nowhere because he loves it. Hiking is a favorite pastime and running in the snow is a thrill. Hanging out in his big horse corral while I garden allows him to track me and exercise those long legs. Max is a young guy and has many more adventures ahead of him. He’s been a wonderful companion during Covid. When colleagues are tired and weary from Zoom meetings, pictures of Max exploring and having fun give them a boost.