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More: Memphis is an intelligent, stubborn, very high energy, protective, adventurous, quirky and loved Male a Welsh Terrier. Memphis and I have a very special bond which only got stronger when we were attacked by 2 other dogs when he was a puppy. Today, Memphis and I are great living on the lake at Center Hill in Tennessee. Memphis is service dog and am so grateful for such a good boy. Also, he got the name Memphis because my Husband was a linebacker for Memphis University in the 90’s. My husband gre up in Nashville but I grew up in New York City. We are a bit of an odd couple but share a love for the outdoors. Memphis enjoys traveling with us where ever we go. When he is at home he rests comfortably in his dog house in the house that’s a stone/log cabin. Memphis would be a great candidate for the brand. He takes excellent direction too! Thank you for considering us! Tara Rose