Momma Mia

More: Mia was adopted by family three years ago. She was going to be put to sleep by her previous owner because they were moving and no longer wanted her. It was her second failed placement. When I picked her up, she was so matted that she had difficulty walking because there were balls of matting on all her feet. Her fur was filthy, overgrown and she smelled like urine. I was advised that she was locked in a bathroom and was neglected. Her owners handed over without saying goodbye to her and with no emotion. Her life changed dramatically that day. She is now loved beyond words and she knows it. When I started walking her in my yard, I noticed she was unfamiliar with grass and walked gingerly on it at first. I don’t believe she was walked on a regular basis. Even though she was approximately 4 years old upon adoption, she seemed as if she didn’t know what snow was. Being outside in fresh air seemed to be a new experience for her.’ She now LOVES hiking with her brother Marley. Even though she is tiny, she hikes like a big dog and she is eager to get out on the trails. She has brought so much joy and happiness to our family. We only hope that we can make up for the years of abuse and neglect that she endured. I am hopeful you can see in her eyes how much she deserves to be on your cover. Thank you for your consideration.