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Mia, Luna, and Packer

Resting after a long day in the Texas Sun

More: These three beautiful and loving pups are brothers and sisters from the same litter. From left to right - Mia, Luna, and Packer were picked together out of their litter and currently live with three families who are also best friends. Getting to spend time together down at the ranch is their favorite activity, especially during dove season. Being born, raised, trained, and still living in Texas these pups are used to the long Texas summers. They are normally cooling off in the ranch pool, or in this photo, on the steps of a historic train depot, turned ranch party barn. They are wonderful dogs and have been an amazing blessing to all of us. Unfortunately, Mia has been battling cancer the last few years but has put up a heck of a fight. Recently the cancer has become more aggressive and the outlook isn't great. She has always sported an Orvis collar and will continue to wear it proudly for the little time she has left. I know it would be an amazing gift to her owners if she adorned the cover of an Orvis catalog with her best friends and siblings. These are true Orvis Dogs, who embody the brand and attitude that Orvis represents. They are happiest exploring this amazing world and do so with a tail wag even when times get tough. I hope you all select these good girls and boy and give them and the owners an amazing gift that will last lifetime.