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Micah Post Tumor Removal November 2023

More: Micah was a breeding mother for 5 years before being placed with a Rescue group in Missouri. We had the joy of her companionship for just a year before a tumor started growing on her hip. After living in a kennel it took over six months for her to adjust to a real life. Now she walks daily, plays all the time with her brother our other 5 year old Golden male, Dakota and has become a great friend. The prognosis is poor as she has an Osteo Sarcoma which in 4 months has already started growing again. All we can do is provide a good home and keep her happy and comfortable as long as she can. She is the third Golden rescue that we’ve lost to Cancer in the last 6 years. It’s a reminder of how fragile life and all its beauty can be through their hearts of Gold.