Miles "playing momma" to orphaned kitties

More: She is 60 pounds of Pampered Princess but dont let fool you -dont mess with her momma! She is very protective of her Human momma as she was rescued at 6 weeks and 2 pounds. Her Human mom spent 6 months getting her better. Miles took a little 1 week old orphaned calico "under her wing" and they are now a "bonded pair" -so much so the calico thinks Miles is her animal mom. She loves in side cats & kittens but somehow doesnt understand about outside cats being the same. Miles believes she is a Rottweiler dog because she was taken in by our Rottie when she 6 weeks old (the Rottie who did not like ANY dog or person except the momma person) and Miles spent 2 years learning from her everything she could and copying her every move. Now that the Rottie has passed -we see her in Miles as Miles even can bark & growl just like her! Miles does almost everything just like the Rottie did. Miles is happy and spoiled and has a buddy dog she plays & 5 cats in the house she dearly loves to play with also.