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Warming up on a cold Vermont morning

More: Miles is a pure breed blue Weim. He has lived in 4 different states. Back in 2017, Miles was diagnosed with severe bloat. He lost nearly 70% of his stomach and spent 6 nights in ICU. During his stay he had two plasma transfers due to his blood loss. He was able to prevail and make a full recovery which shocked most of the veterinarian doctors at the hospital. A year after his medical emergency, he suffered a torn ACL. He went under a complete ligament repair. He has since then made a full recovery and is back to his normal ways. Miles is a true member of our family. He enjoys traveling in the truck, visiting Vermont, playing in the snow and dirty, practicing article scent training for search and rescue and playing tag with our 4 year old daughter. We would do anything for him. We couldn’t ask for anything more.