Beautiful spring morning by the creek.

More: Miles initially came to our family as a Seeing Eye puppy, to be raised, trained and eventually placed with a blind person. After going back to The Seeing Eye for his formal training, it was found that he had a heart condition and therefore would not be continuing his training, so we adopted him. Miles is a smart, kind and sweet mannered dog. My daughter works with him a lot, so he knows several tricks/maneuvers. Miles is very gentle - with people, and with other ‘baby’ animals - he has been very gentle and mothering to our baby chickens, ducks and other Seeing Eye puppies that have come to our home. Miles is also a certified Therapy Dog who loves spending time with the pediatric patients in a hospital based rehab department. He will walk with the children, play ball, or simply lay next to them. The impact I have witnessed him make on some of the children is just amazing. Miles has his own Instagram account - milesmypup