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Milford Brown (front), Cooper Ray (back)

A fast car with fast dogs--ready for a long ride!

More: They are both rescues. Milford came to us grossly overweight, looking more like a baby hippo than a poodle. She was debarked--now her "ruff" sounds more like a smoker's bark. She hasn't any ear leather as the previous owners put the rubber bands AROUND her ears, causing Gangrene, leading to her ears being cut off. Cooper Ray was so traumatized that he shook uncontrollably. His nails grew underneath his pads. He was filthy dirty, matted, and skeletal. How love and devotion save lives. They are safe, happy, silly, and content--spending their days chasing squirrels and lizards, arfing at passerbys, and charging toward my husband and I when we arrive home, sliding across our wood floors.