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Relaxing on the front porch with my favorite human!

More: We got Millie as puppy and she's been a loyal companion since. When she was two years old, she began having odd symptoms of not feeling well, droopy is what I called it. Then suddenly two weeks after her older companion, Ginger (15) had to be put down, she had a major episode where she became very lethargic and dehydrated. Millie was rushed to the emergency animal hospital where she spent four days after being diagnosed with Addison's disease. Upon doing a lot of research, I learned that Addison's can affect any breed but it is more common in certain breeds. It's a very debilitating disease but it can also be managed with medication and a lot of care. Millie visits her Veterinarian once a month for weigh-in and a monthly Zycortal injection. The Zycortal helps her body with the cortisol hormone that she no longer produces on her own and then we maintain the rest of the month with daily prednisone. She is very active and loves to play. Millie's favorite activities are taking walks, catching frisbees and playing ball. Millie loves everyone, no matter who they are and she still thinks she's a lap dog too! I can honestly say she has been the best addition to our family and I can't imagine life without her.