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Milo Murray

Love, Patience, Repeat

More: Love: Milo shows his love for us in every greeting, every tilt of the head, the way he listens when we call. We never doubt for one second where we stand with him. Only 19 months, he treats us like a best friend. Patience: He endured the cold NYC winters and tight living quarters, always by our side while we worked to start a family and buy a home. He never lets a day go by without showing us how grateful he is for our life together and for his new baby brother. He is okay no longer being the center of our attention, all he wants is to be a piece of our family's puzzle. Repeat: One more car ride, one more toss, one more cuddle, one more walk. Milo lives everyday like it is the best day of his life that he hopes will never end. No better feeling then seeing him when he wakes us up each morning with an insatiable desire to do it all again.