Mimi Cossette

"promise just resting for a minute"

More: Mimi is the sweetist, smartest most sensitive dog I have ever had the pleasure of knowing and training. She is always up for a walk, a game, a squirrel chase, companion pupply play time or snuggles. She does everything at full tilt. When she comes running to her name call we even call it her dog food advertisement run because she is the picture of health and vitality-leaping over anything in her path to make to you! Her power naps only happen when she needs to take 5 for her next adventure-but she is not a hyper dog and senses when its time to chill, loving belly rubs and sleeping in the bed stretched out alongside me. She is an out front dog on her walking harness but respectful of the lives of other dogs and people we encounter. She is happy with her twice a day meals as well as training treats and occasional just for being you snacks, that keep her in top shape. She is a gentle spirit with a soft mouth that carries around her favorite stuffed dog toys without ever puncturing or shredding them! Her big almond brown eyes look like she has eyeliner on and her long lashes flutter with the best of them-so photogenic! You will all love her like I do.