Minnie and Tinkerbell

Minnie and Tinkerbell, the best sisters!

More: We’d already had Minnie for about 12 or 13 years when Steve rescued Tinkerbell and brought her home! He had found Tink abandoned in an empty apartment, living with cats and rats! She was very wild at first, jumping and climbing all over countertops and shelves... but Minnie welcomed Tinkerbell into our home, seeming to sense that this precious little fur baby needed lots of patience and a family to love her... she demonstrated endless patience as Tink climbed all over her and nipped at her, as puppies do. She even seemed to really enjoy it! I could watch those two together for hours! Minnie would let Tink curl up against her and wrap herself around her, like a protective mama bear... Minnie was the best big sister! And when Tink got hit by a car shortly after coming to live with us, Minnie just knew play time was over for a while and was extra protective and gentle with Tink throughout her more than year-long recovery!