Mishti (black dog) and Mondo (brindle dog)

BFFs winter romp in the woods

More: Mishti is a rescue who loves the outdoors! He started out terrified of water but now is a strong swimmer. He loves swimming, running on the beach, a good hike in the summer or in the thick of winter. He loves to play in the snow. He loves people and dogs and is just a complete and total love. He totally rescued us :-) His BFF is Mondo. Mondo was rescued by our friends just months after we got Mishti. They have been the best of friends since day 1. Mondo also is high energy and loves to be outside. He has an endless love affair with balls and can play fetch for hours on end. He and Mishti love to be off leash in the woods together. You can see Mondo has a ball in his mouth! Mondo’s family is aware that I’ve submitted this photo and is excited at the prospect of our pups being on an Orvis cover together!