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Crisp Golden Morning Walks

More: Moby is the glue that holds my family of six together. He has the biggest heart and keeps us laughing no matter what. His hobbies include pup cups at the Starbucks drive-thru, retrieving pumpkins in the fall (no pumpkin is too big to proudly drag inside), and hiking off-leash. He has crooked front teeth and a dot on his nose and we tell him all the time these distinguishing marks make him just so handsome. He knows when to wrestle with my dad, when to be gentle with my 90 year old grandmother, and when someone needs some extra love…and he’ll sit in your lap. This year he was unexpectedly diagnosed with cancer and has been undergoing weekly chemo treatments - but our boy is strong and is doing well! We are biased, but we think this good boy is the next Orvis dog.