English Springer Spaniel, Mojo, loves any minute spent outside and especially enjoys the treats she receives when smiling for the camera.

More: Rescued and adopted through my local vet, after tragically having to put down my previous puppy, Mojo, is the light of my life. Amazingly obedient, inherently sweet, and always up for an adventure, she is the perfect canine companion. She never leaves my side, accompanying me in my office, riding in the backseat of my SUV, and snuggling on the couch at any opportunity. With an uncanny ability to sense others emotions, she is able to comfort, protect, or encourage anyone she encounters. Upon meeting her you’re sure to be given a dog hug, as she leans against your legs, patiently awaiting a head scratch and an affectionate, “Good girl!” Her age belies her exterior as she continues to chase squirrels daily and do tricks for treats. A friend to all, she’s the best dog I have ever owned and it is impossible to imagine my life without her.