Sweet Mollie Cakes

More: Mollie is a rescue labby girl. Adopted when she was 5, this poor girl missed her previous family very much but their situation had changed and it was in her best interest to be rehomed. I was the lucky one in the situation because she is such a delight. An avid swimmer and outdoors-woman/pup, despite only having 1 eye, she would be the perfect cover girl for Orvis. She loves all things outdoors. Her likes are trips to the beach, lounging outdoors, naps in the sunshine, rolling in the leaves and stalking squirrels in the yard. She has the most polite under-her-breath type huffing noise she makes when she wants your attention rather than barking at you. She is also a bit of a show off and if I’m trying to teach another dog a behavior such as high-five, she will get frustrated when they don’t catch on as quickly as she did an come over to interrupt the lesson and demonstrate how it should look. I’m so blessed to have her in my life!