Everyday chillin

More: Molly is a sweet old lady who loves to cuddle and has a kind personality. She only has two bottom canine teeth so she is often caught smiling. She likes to believe that she is a protector watch dog and will howl a warning of signal, but quickly retreat at any sign of danger. Chasing squirrels out of the yard is her greatest accomplishment. Molly insists on using a hot pad to sleeping on, getting her neck scratched vigorously, and looking adorably pathetic almost all of the time. She warms up quickly to others and brings many comfort and amusement. Going on adventures that include bike rides, hikes and riding in the car are also some of her favorite activities, outside of sleeping. She has a basket for biking, a backpack for hiking and a throne of pillow to assist in looking out the window in the car. Molly humbly carry’s on the role of spreading joy with her petite cuteness and enjoyable personality.