Chilling at Big Lagoon County Park, CA

More: Our beloved black lab Montie was diagnosed with osteosarcoma in his right jaw just before his sixth Birthday. My wife, two daughters, and I were very sad at the thought of losing Montie to cancer at such a young age. We opted on a surgery that would most likely stop the spread of the cancer which involved removing most of his right jaw from the center and back to his last few molars. Almost a year later, Montie is doing great. He is a little messy when eating and drinking. His tongue always hangs out the right side of his mouth and as a result, many people comment about how cute he is when we take him for walks and hikes. We hope to have Montie as part of our family for many more years to come. We love you Montie! Thank you Dr. Tom! Steve H., Redding, CA