Moose is a born actor, and this is his favorite shtick.

More: Moose was rescued from a kill shelter as a pup. Despite a hardscrabble beginning, and surviving a recent, devastating house fire, his exuberance is infectious, and he provides welcome comic relief to any situation. He's a natural born performer, happy and carefree, but very attentive to all dogs and people around him. With boundless energy, acute intelligence and a strong guiding intuition, he exhibits the best of the melting pot that is his genetic mix. We thought we were getting a pit bull , but when the laundry list that was his DNA test results came back, his strong herding tendencies made perfect sense. He's got it all - except for the stumpy tail! We have eight dogs - all rescues, all photogenic and special. I could send you enough photos to keep you in covers until the next millennium. If you look at my Instagram and find one you like better - just give me a buzz.