“Wait, did you say ball?”

More: Moose is a lover boy. His favorite thing is to sit on your lap and then leap off to find a bone, only to bring it back to make you hold it while he chews it. He also loves to watch T.V. Particularly, he loves Star Wars (he does the wiggle butt when he sees Jar Jar). Moose also loves to meet people, but he’s just discovering what’s scary and what is not. Give him 2 minutes to learn what the deal is and he’ll be all in. He loves to pounce, throwing two paws straight up and then landing hard down on his (Dokken/ bumper) target. ~~~~~~ Not to ruin my chances with this entry, but I’d like to offer some constructive criticism on your Instagram: -You have beautiful photos, but don’t have the click link to purchase anything -Nearly 1/5 of your posts are about the dog of the month contestants. Who are the winners???