Moxie orange cocker and Blue liver white springer

Moxie and Blue are best friends

More: Moxie is a ruffed grouse hunter here in Maine , she has run in Akc field trials and Akc hunt tests but myself, wife, and grandkids, true family dog and hunter, she can track running birds with the best of them !!! Blue is named after our hockey team as the where blue uniforms and the fans yell go Blue !! He is a grouse hunter as well and has run in Akc field trials and nationals in the USA and Canada, Blue is a open field champion, amt champion in the us and only needing 5 points for his open Canadian championship, Blue has primarily been run by my self in trials but grand kids have run him in Akc hunt tests , both the dogs play and swim etc with the grandkids, they live in the house with us and are a huge part of the family