Mr. Weller

I’m hiding. Can see me?

More: My name is Mr. Weller. I am eight years old, soon to be nine, but I still love to play. I was with my mom on a long walk when she started playing with me in the leaves. I’m really kinda hiding in this picture. Can u see me? I am a red Golden Retriever and I live with my mom and dad. My perfect day is retrieving anything thrown for as long as my human friends will throw it. I have been known to put the tiniest stick on your shoe so I know you will throw it. Most friends fall for it. I also love the car! I run errands with my mom half the day. I love to hang my head out the window and smell all those wonderful smells in the wind. Great fun. Another plus in my day is a long nap and my mom takes one too. You see, I sleep on my back with my four feet up in the air. I know it’s crazy but she can rub my belly better this way. My mom is my best friend. I’m a really good boy and I’m glad my mom got my pictures in before the deadline tonight. I feel like my job here is to make people smile and I think I have accomplished that. I even smile too!! Thank you for for giving me the chance to make others smile with my picture.