Muesli Goes Flower Sniffing

More: Muesli is an energetic and sassy girl with a huge heart! Her radiant smile and playful attitude make her friends with anyone, anywhere. From Texas to Massachusetts, Muesli has been on quite a journey sniffing her way through the country in just her first sixteen months. With a fiery spirit, she loves to explore through fields of wildflowers, on forest trails, across sandy shorelines, and among mountains of powdery snow. Her stubborn attitude has allowed her to overcome her previous fears of heights and deep water and it has helped her earn her way into “college-level” training classes. She is close to earning her Canine Good Citizenship award as well, and hopes to become a certified therapy dog in the coming years to visit patients at Boston Children’s Hospital. Overall, Muesli is an amazing companion to have by my side everyday, no matter where life takes us.