I thought this box was my bed.. Was I wrong..? 🤨😟

More: He loves to play and he is super happy! He loves other dogs and Cats and he very playful! We got him on October 1 and he was 2 months old and we got him from a friend. He has a twin brother which they have a unique extra little thumb on his 2 front paws which also his twin has but not there other siblings! We got him because are other dog died from a stroke because he had health problems and he died in are arms. It took us a while to get a new puppy because we felt like we are replacing our dog but then we realized that it’s not replacing it’s just getting a new friend! We still miss our other dog but We will never forget him and Muffin is are helper when we are sad or alone! He brings a smile on everyone’s face! He is are little Muffin! 💕😄