You Can't Buy Love but you Can ADOPT

More: Murphy was given up and spent almost a year in a wonderful shelter facility where they took great care of him until we were able to adopt him in January 2020. Murphy weighs in at a healthy 210 pounds and is all dog with an amazing personality. He drools a lot , snores quite loudly, and loves his humans for rescuing him and giving him a loving home where he is spoiled rotten. Murphy even has his own Instagram account called "Murphythebiglovieleonberger" with 94 followers! Murphy believes it is important to spread the word on choosing to ADOPT a best friend whenever you can. While we may never know the pain or struggles of a rescue dog let down by others, the love they will give back is so unlike any other. "What a beautiful world it would be if people had hearts like dogs". How deserving it would be to show a the world how no dog is disposable and rescue dogs are so very important. Murphy is one of a kind.