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Murrow (after American broadcast journalist and war correspondent Edward R. Murrow) and Madison (after the Connecticut town which held a deep personal connection for my mother)

My Sister/Bestie

More: Our two aDOGable dogs (or the dynamic duo as the group dog training instructor calls them) Murrow and Madison are true biological sibs having the same dam and sire. Murrow is from the very first litter of a new breeder, and Madison is from the second. Although they look very much alike and do have numerous similar mannerisms, their personalities differ in the following ways; Murrow is contemplative, thoughtful, very loving towards and protective of, his sister (as shown with his left arm around her shoulders while enjoying the view of some active wild life in their favorite place to be - our rustic backyard), and an old soul at just over 1 year old, while Madison, still a very active, playful pup who loves to be touching and/or playing with her adoring canine brother, her "hooman" mom, dad, or grown-up big brother and is generally more impulsive and assertive. Both have altered our lives for the better bringing in an abundance of light, joy, happiness, and peace.