More: Mya is a Silver Lab, which is a huge controversy in the Lab community. There are many people who feel that a diluted gene, which produces the silver, charcoal, and champagne colors are not true Labs. Even with DNA test that prove 100% Labrador. With that being said people often ( most if the time actually) people think she is a Weimaraner due to her color. Regardless of what people think or say, Mya is a TRUE Lab! Loyal, loving, protective ( only in her bark. She is actually the biggest coward! ) She is goofy, and most of all so intelligent! She also has a face that makes you think of Of the Character From Winnie the Poo, when she is resting. So sad, like she is upset that she has not gotten her way. When she’s done something naughty and you call her out, she looks away as quickly as with her tail between her legs. No eye contact as she tries to hide her big goofy body! The TRUTH is, I don’t care what breed she is ! She is perfect in every way. Well, except with thunderstorms…she HATES thunderstorms! I am truly in LOVE with her. She is my baby!