More: He was given to me after two previous owners did not want him. They were going to put his down as he could only use three legs. I took him and two weeks later he was scheduled for hip surgery. He needed physical therapy so I fill the bath tub to have him swim and also used my exercise ball to build muscle and balance. He got the name Nacho because my husband did not want a dog and the first words out of his mouth were,”He is Not your dog!” He seems the name Nacho! He loves him to pieces now. He is my buddy. He does everything with me. He kayaks, stand up paddle boards, has over 2800 miles bicycling with me, flies in my airplane with me, snowshoes and x county ski with me, hikes, has done high peaks in the Adirondacks. He goes to stores, wineries, loves visiting friends, goes to work with me. He is a great people dog and loves when he sees another dog.