Nakita, Zoey, Yogi, Stella, Lacie

Fantastic Five

More: Nakita loves to run and play with Stella, Stella and Nakita are buddies. They are both extremely smart, fun, obedient, energetic. They both are the watchdogs and will alert us if anything is out of the ordinary! They Love to play ball, get dirty and hate bathing! Zoey is the Queen and is 11 and doing fabulous, she loves sitting at the spring house watching the frogs! Lacie is the quiet one and does not like to get her feet dirty , we call her the little princess. Lacie loves to dance, which is good because she loves food . Yogi is very unique and is very intelligent, obedient, energetic, comical, loyal, huggable, lovable, and kissable! Yogi loves to drive his pink Jeep around and Yogi loves to smile, he is quite loved everywhere he goes . Yogi has his own clothing, hats, and absolutely loves the camera ! Yogi is well known on TikTok and working his way to the top smiling all the way!