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"Enjoying every moment of this outdoor life"

More: Nala is a fiercely loyal dog who loves to run with me by the lake near our house, as well as always being up for a hike through the woods where she can really stretch her legs and run! She is a sweetheart who is very attached to myself and the other dogs in the household. A bit on the shy side around strangers, but once you're in her circle you're there for life! Along with running and hiking with me, Nala competes in the sport of Lure Coursing and is an intense competitor, focusing on and wanting nothing more than to chase the "bunnies" when she gets on the field! She is one of the prettiest dogs I've ever seen (I'm a little biased), and watching her move and run whether on the coursing field or through the woods is beauty in motion! Nala is also an extremely funny girl who has an attitude and loves to play with her toys and always knows how to cheer me up on a bad day or if she thinks I need a laugh! I love all my dogs, but Nala is special, she's definitely my "heart dog"!