Farmer Nash

More: Nash is a 4 month old rescue from the streets of Nashville, TN. Now living on a farm east of Indianapolis, IN. Nash was found with his litter mates living in a drain pipe in Nashville. My 8 year old nephew was a part of their rescue story as he was the only person small enough to fit in the culvert under the road to help get them out. Nash’s story was so special to us, we felt like we needed to give him a great life with us out on the farm. Nash works with us on a regenerative, grass-fed, pasture raised, organic farm raising cattle, pigs and chickens. He takes his job seriously, making sure to locate every poop in sight, ride on every four wheeler or tractor and lick every cow nose in sight. He’s started training already, so someday he will be able to help us herd the animals - but for now, he has a pretty wonderful life living out every rescue pup’s dream. We certainly do love this little farmer boy.